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German Authorities Let Salafi Fanatic Work 2 Years In Berlin Airports

Germany’s Aviation Security Act states that employees must pass a security check, and not hold any extremist views.

German Airport
In February 2014 the intelligence authorities became aware that he was a firm fixture on the Salafist scene.

A 24-year-old Islamic extremist who was “active on the Salafist scene” was allowed to work in the high-security areas of Berlin’s two airports for years, the Berlin Morning Post reported on Wednesday. German authorities knew that an employee at Berlin’s two airports was a follower of extremist Salafi Islamic ideology, but allowed him to work there for another 18 months after the revelation, the Berlin Morning Post reported on Wednesday.

Recep U. worked for Wisag Airport Service Berlin, which services and cleans aircraft at the city’s two airports, Tegel and Schonefeld, and therefore had access the high-security areas there.

A spokesperson for Berlin Tegel Airport, said they were unable to answer specific details on the security issues and on this particular case.

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