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18 Women Sexually Assaulted At German Concert

Germany: 3 Pakistani men arrested after 18 women report sexual assault

German police have received 18 complaints on sexual assaults and inappropriate behavior toward women that took place during the Schlossgrabenfest outdoor music festival in Darmstadt, the Spiegel magazine said Tuesday.

Three alleged sexual assaults were reported during the night following the festival and further 15 instances were reported after the festival, the Spiegel reported, citing a police report. Three men have been detained by police in connection with the assaults. The detainees, aged 28 to 31 are asylum seekers from Pakistan, police said, adding that the investigation revealed the men had, alongside several other unidentified perpetrators, surrounded and groped female festival goers.

Europe’s refugee crisis has been accompanied by a rising number of sexual assault incidents. A series of sexual attacks on women in the German city of Cologne occurred on New Year’s Eve, where groups of men of North African origin targeted female revelers. In January, Finnish and Swedish authorities issued warning for women to be wary of sexual attacks, while Vienna’s police chief advised women against walking alone.

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