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Migrants Chanting “f*** the UK” Hurl Rocks At British Cars

Calais port road is completely shut down.

Migrant wrestles with French policeman in Calais on Monday.

French police battled around 300 migrants in the lawless port town this afternoon after huge mobs targeted England and Wales fans returning across the Channel after cheering on their teams at Euro 2016 and motoring enthusiasts driving back from the Le Mans rally event.

Gangs of migrants ran out onto the motorway and brought traffic to a standstill outside the port, so that they could break into lorries and stow away in an attempt to sneak across the Channel.

A British football fan caught up in the chaos reported that gangs of migrants were shouting “f*** the UK” as they hurled rocks at his car, posting photos on social media of clouds of tear gas fired by embattled police.

One UK motorist warned on social media that cars were being “stoned” by migrants as they sat stationary in traffic, warning others to stay away from the town.

Others claimed that the port had been “shut” by the authorities due to the chaos with “miles of stationary traffic” snaking back through the town, with one tweetlng: “UK Border control Calais side has stopped, we are all sat here waiting for cars to start flowing through? No toilets and water.”

Another added: “Migrants chucking stones at cars at Calais. All major routes are shut.”
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