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Immigrants Enjoy The Thermal Baths At The Expense Of Italian Citizens

A day at the spa including swimming pool and relaxing baths.

Migrants Italy
Migrants in Italy enjoy a nice day at the spa at the taxpayers expense.

A day at the spa between pool and relaxing baths. A group of immigrants was give free access to the Baths of Bormio with the money from Italian taxpayers. A group of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa enjoyed a morning in the hot-water thermal baths in the famous and prestigious Baths of Bormio, Italy.

Since the publication of photos of these migrants on Facebook, a controversy has been growing over why these migrants were afforded such a luxurious vacation when most ordinary Italians could never dream of visiting this resort.

Renato Fuchs, President of Bormio Spa, had to make a statement justifying the expenditure even if he does not understand the reason for all the controversy.

If anyone thinks that these people have diseases like scabies, then I say that white people could have mushrooms under their feet. But no one has ever complained.

Not only that: He believes that immigrants lawfully pay for the spa with the money that the state and citizens all contribute for such state-subsidized “vacations.”

Given that a public treasury has given these people some money for living, I believe that they can use it as they see fit. To buy the ham but possibly even to go to the spa.

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