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France “Suppressed News Of Gruesome Torture” At Bataclan Massacre

A French government committee has heard testimony that the killers in the Bataclan appear to have tortured their victims on the second floor of the club.

Bataclan Massacre
French lawmakers told Bataclan terrorists tortured, disemboweled victims.

Did the French government cover-up details about how victims of the Bataclan Theatre massacre were tortured and killed in order to avoid offending Muslims?

That’s the charge being made by French nationalist Boris Le Lay, whose website points to newly released documents from a parliamentary inquiry into the November 13 ISIS massacre in Paris that claimed the lives of 130 people.

The documents discuss reports of how some Bataclan victims had their testicles cut off and stuffed in their mouth, a common atrocity committed by jihadist militants across the Middle East.

Other victims were “gutted” or “decapitated” while others had their eyes gouged out as Islamists filmed the gruesome scenes.

A father of one of the victims claimed that the Institut médico-légal de Paris told him that his son had had his testicles cut off. When the father went to identify the body, he was only shown the left half of his son’s face, but subsequently noticed that the victim’s right eye had been removed.

François Molins, the public prosecutor for Paris, denies claims that any of the victims were tortured in such a manner, asserting that no bladed weapons were found at the scene.

However, people who escaped the Bataclan later told media outlets said they heard the screams of people being being tortured, with some claiming that ISIS jihadists sliced open the stomachs of their victims.

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