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BBC Attempts To Obfuscate The Motive Of Syrian With Suicide Bomb Rucksack At German Festival

BBC is perpetually puzzled about reality, as reality does not fit their narrative.

BBC Blast
Terrorism by any other name is still as terrifying.

A Syrian failed asylum seeker has blown himself up with a rucksack bomb, injuring several bystanders, in the town of Ansbach, Germany, apparently after being thwarted in an attempt to attack an open-air music festival.

But you’ll never guess how the BBC chose to report the incident when news first broke.

No, actually, you probably will.

Those pesky German blasts, eh? There you are – an ordinary, decent Syrian migrant wandering around a German city one evening with a rucksack packed with explosives strapped to your back – when, through absolutely no fault of your own, the bloody thing only goes and blows itself up, taking you with it.

Could happen to anyone.

Still, the good thing is that the German authorities aren’t jumping to any conclusions. Here’s Bavaria’s Interior Minister quoted in the BBC article, which has now had its headline changed to ‘Ansbach explosion: Syrian asylum seeker blows himself up in Germany.’

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