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Merkel Tells Germany’s Turkish Community To Show “Loyalty”

Turks living in Germany should show ‘high level of loyalty’ to adopted nation.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called on Germans from a Turkish background to be loyal to Germany and in return, she will have an “open ear” to migrants’ concerns.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is calling on Germany’s Turkish community to show loyalty to the country.

Speaking to a regional newspaper group, she said: “We expect from people of Turkish origin, who’ve already lived in Germany for a long time, that they develop a high level of loyalty to our country.”

She also stressed that Germany would listen to any concerns and warned against stoking any political unrest.

Merkel’s words come amid a continued crackdown in Turkey following the failed coup. Last month, thousands of protesters turned out in Cologne to demonstrate against the revolt.

Reports suggest President Recep Tayyip Erdogan could be pressing Turks abroad to show more loyalty to Ankara.

Around three million people with Turkish roots live in Germany.

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