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Ex-Christian ISIS Jihadist Calls For Sharia Law In Germany

A German member of Islamic State (ISIS), who claims to formerly be Christian, has called for Sharia law to be implemented in the country in a chilling propaganda video.

Abu Issa al-Almani
The video suggests he is part of the terror group’s ‘religious police.’

In the clip, the white Muslim convert, known as Abu Issa al-Almani, slams European countries for being “solely governed by man-made laws”. Showing images of the Reichstag building – the German Parliament – he calls for support for vile ISIS, which has claimed responsibility for recent devastating attacks across Europe.

He says: “(German politicians) are allies in the fight against everyone who renounces the man-made laws and who want to establish the Sharia of Allah.

“The only state that fights without compromises for the following of the words of Allah above all man-mad things is the Islamic State.”

The Dortmund-born jihadist grew up a Christian but converted to Islam in late 2012, according to the video, titled From the Darkness into the Light.

Footage of a man having his hand cut off – a common punishment in ISIS-held territory – flashes on the screen while al-Almani stares to the camera.

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