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Police Attacked By Knifeman In Brussels Suburb Of Molenbeek

BBC is perpetually puzzled about reality, as reality does not fit their narrative.

Brussels Attack
A police spokeswoman said protective vests saved the officers from injury.

The attacker launched at the two officers with a knife but they avoided injury thanks to the protective vests they were wearing.

Officials in the Belgian capital said there was no immediate indication the attack was terror-related but the location of the incident will raise fears it was Islamist-inspired.

Molenbeek was the focus of operations late last year and in early 2016 to root out extremists based in Brussels.

A spokeswoman for the Brussels prosecutors office said the assailant had said nothing and the case had not been transferred to counter-terrorism specialists.

Several of the attackers involved in the Islamic State-organised Paris massacre last November lived in the poor neighbourhood.

Police spokeswoman Julie Mampuy told AFP: “Two patrolmen were attacked with a knife by a man while they were in the Bonnevie park in Molenbeek.

“They received several knife blows but they were protected by their bullet-proof vests and were fortunately not hurt.”

Brussels has been on high alert since terrorists attacked the city’s airport and metro system in March.
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