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Swedish Propaganda Video On Population Replacement

A portion of the Swedish popution has no problem in rejecting their historical and national identity.

Sweden Propaganda Video
A charity backed by the Swedish government has launched a campaign denouncing the assimilation of migrants.

A very disturbing video that proudly heralds the end of European Sweden that is being rapidly subsumed by massive immigration, and the treacherous ideology of multiculturalism.

The crimes western European politicians and the sleeping public are both complicit in facilitating this insanity.

This endless migrant onslaught that will surely seal Europe’s demographic and cultural fate well within this generation’s lifetime, unless somehow we can turn back the tide and put an end to this self-inflicted genocidal suicidal nightmare.

“The Camp of the Saints”, by Jean Raspail, whose book published in 1974, paints in graphic prescient detail a distopian France that is being “peacefully” invaded by the hordes from the Third World whose numbers are both Biblical in scale and seemingly endless mirrors all to closely our present day reality in a rapidly Islamising Europe.

The full video can be seen here:
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