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Kenyan Migrant Gets Only 2.5 Years For Brutal Beatings And Rape

Swedish teenagers invite two Africans to the party and were repaid by being almost killed.

Kenyan Fayed M.
The Kenyan Fayed M. has only two and a half years to jail after raping two women. Together with a buddy, he beat a young man almost to death.

Three Swedish teenage girls as well as a male friend of them have invited two African men to a party. The evening ended with the fact that the friend was almost killed and one of the girls was brutally raped.

On a Friday evening in November, the four friends met in an apartment in Kista near Stockholm. They cooked together, drank alcohol, and had fun.

Because the youngsters wanted a bit of party humor, they invited more people. The young woman contacted a 21-year-old man from Liberia, whom she knew fleetingly. The invited invited a 19-year-old Kenyan with the party.

Snapchat joke: “I’ve killed a guy”

The Africans quickly began to sexually harass the girls. Then they should be referred to the party. After a verbal discussion, the Africans sprayed the male friend of the young women with pepper spray. This is not enough: with brutal force, they beat and kicked the young man’s head as he was already on the ground. The victim lost consciousness, but they kept on striking. The other partygoers thought he was already dead.

Subsequently, the 21-year-old African uploaded a video to Snapchat, in which he makes fun of “having killed a guy”.

After the attack, there was a danger to the young man, according to the court . The victim had several cerebral hemorrhages, severe swelling and bruises all over his body, as well as bone fractures and open wounds. The young man suffered permanent damage in the form of memory impairments and reduced ability to concentrate.

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