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Up To 60 Young North Africans Spread Terror On A Train In Italy Over Easter

A judicial police team is exploring the CCTV in the stations of Torino Porta Nuova and Lingotto to further identify the perpetrators.

Turin Train
60 underage North African vandals created a nightmare journey on a train in the Savona-Torino region of Italy.

On Easter Sunday, up to sixty boys, mostly northern Africans, sowed chaos by their alleged cries and harassment. The train was forced to stop for an hour and a half after police intervention.

The journey back from the sea became a nightmare for the 300 passengers on the Ventimiglia-Turin train (number 10138), which left the Ligurian city on Easter Sunday at 15.30 and arrived in Turin Porta Nuova with a further delay Of 90 minutes.

Passengers described widespread harassment and assaults.

What happened in the last wagon is still mystery. What is certain is that a whole train was occupied by some sixty boys, many of them of North African origin, who did not pay the ticket and caused panic among the travelers, Forcing the driver to stop the train at Cengio (Savona), where the police intervened.

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