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Two “ISIS Terrorists” Are Arrested In Marseilles Over “Imminent” Attack On French Presidential Election

Terror police in France have arrested two men, aged 23 and 29, in Marseille.

French ISIS Terrorists
Mahiedine M, 29 (L) and Clement B, 23 (R) have been arrested in Marseille as police say they were planning on carrying out an ‘immediate’ terror attack.

Two men with links to ISIS have been arrested in France after plotting a terror attack on a French presidential candidate, local media reports.

The pair, named as 23-year-old Clement B, and Mahiedine M, 29, were arrested in Marseille on Tuesday afternoon while allegedly preparing for an ‘imminent’ attack.

Both men were known to police as radical Islamists who likely converted in prison.

Officers searching a rented apartment in the city and found guns along with chemicals used in suicide vests like those in the Paris attacks, it is reported.

Police also found a video made by the two men in which they declared allegiance to ISIS and a newspaper front page showing the politician they intended to target, local media reports.

Interior Minister Matthias Fekl said the attack was due to be carried out in the ‘next few days’ but did not discuss potential targets.

Marine Le Pen, the far-Right Front National candidate, is due to hold a campaign rally in the port city on Wednesday.

Le Pen has confirmed photos of the men were passed to her security team on Thursday last week.

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