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The Champs-Élysées Terrorist: A Career Criminal And Loser

Two other policemen and a German tourist were also injured in the attack.

Karim Cheurfi
The attack was very quickly claimed by the Islamic State group .

A 37-year-old police officer was killed by two bullets in the head on the evening of 20 April at 102 rue des Champs-Élysées. Three relatives of Karim Cheurfi, the 39-year-old assailant armed with an assault rifle, are currently in custody to try to understand his precise intentions. The attack was claimed by the Islamic State organization . In addition to the first victim, he injured two other policemen and a passer-by, “victim of shrapnel,” said the prosecutor of the Republic of Paris, François Molins, during a press conference organized Friday 21 April.

Throughout his legal career, Karim Cheurfi , well known to the police , has intensified the violent actions and developed his hostility towards the forces of law and order. His criminal record includes no less than four convictions . “Karim Cheurfi was not listed as S (state security, ed.) And had not presented throughout his period of imprisonment, so for a period of almost 14 years, (…) of signs Radicalization or signs of proselytism during all these years of detention, “added the prosecutor.

4 convictions for this career criminal steeped in hatred of the police.

The man spent half his life behind bars. When he was released, he came out marked, different. The profile that emerges is that of a delinquent anchored in the hatred of the police. He was first sentenced to fifteen years in prison in 2005, after having four years earlier a violent altercation with motorists in Roissy-en-Brie (Seine-et-Marne), one of whom is Deputy Security . “After a chase, Cheurfi shoots them, seriously wounding them in the chest.

In custody, he takes advantage of a moment of inattention of an official to steal his gun and try to shoot him,”

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