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NGOs Collaborating With People-Smugglers In The Med Says Frontex

Accusations by Frontex, investigations by three prosecutors, and suspicion of “dirty affairs.”

NGO boats have become notorious for collaborating with the people-smugglers, waiting just off the coast of Libya to pick up their consignments of “refugees.”

Is it true? Who knows? For certain, there are many dark sides in which it is necessary to shine a little light.

Doctors Without Borders

We begin with the largest associations. At the top of the list is obviously Doctors Without Borders (DWB), which in 2016 could count three ships: Dignity I, Bourbon Argos and Aquarius. Today only one remains active, Aquarius, to which, however, has been joined the new acquisition, Prudence, a commercial ship 75 meters long with 1,000 berths on board. A giant rescue ship.

The activity that DWB carries forward in the world is nothing to laugh about. One has to smile, however, at the fact that among its founders is Bernard Kouchner, a medical doctor who has seen more political buildings than operating rooms. In 2007, in fact, he was appointed minister of foreign affairs by Nicolas Sarkozy, or that government that bombarded Mohammad [sic] Ghaddafi and transformed Libya into the lawless port from where today boats depart laden with immigrants.

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