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Rome: Migrants Use Historical Fountains To Wash

In Rome, the fountains in the park of Colle Oppio and the historical quarter were used by migrants as basins for washing.

Migrants Rome
In Africa it is normal to cool off when you find a pool of water.

Episodes like this contribute to the capital’s degradation. As g ià repeatedly denounced by il Giornale. It also the historical center of Rome.

Scenes like this happen mainly the area and the neighborhoods near the Colosseum.

Nathalie Naim, radical adviser to the First Municipality of Rome, with a post on Facebook, complained that the “historic gardens of Colle Oppio in front of the Colosseum, classified as a living museum, where they should play small children, adult men wash in his underwear in the monumental fountains newly restored with hundreds of thousands of public euro.”

Only a few hours before, Naim, had published a photograph of a migrant who was “soaking in the fountain of the catechumens of Giacomo della Porta in 1580”. “In ancient Piazzetta Madonna dei Monti entirely bound by the Galasso Decree anything is possible, abandoned by every institution: the only values pursued and respected seems to be the sale of beers” , concluded the Radical leader.

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