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SPAIN: African Migrants Surging Into The EU In Unprecedented Numbers

The numbers of “refugees” reaching the coast of Spain’s southern coast has rocketed in recent months.

The numbers of refugees reaching the coast of Spain’s southern Andalucia region by boat has rocketed in recent months.

Earlier this year it emerged the number of migrants reaching Malaga in the first six months of 2017, 749 people, had almost equalled the number for the whole of the previous year.

Migrants arrived on the beach in Spain as holidaymakers looked on. A dinghy of migrants landing on busy holiday beach in the south of Spain.

A dinghy carrying dozens of migrants landed on Wednesday (August 9) in the middle of a beach full of holiday makers in Zahara de los Atunes on the coast of Andalusia, southern Spain. The dinghy landed at the Playa de los Alemanes beach at around 2 p.m. local time after crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, local media reported.

Wednesday’s incident came just hours after another 15 migrants on two boats were rescued in the Mediterranean in the eight mile stretch of water that separates southern Spain from Morocco.

In the early hours of Monday morning, nearly 200 sub-Saharan Africans managed to reach Spanish soil after storming a border crossing between Morocco and Spain’s North African enclave of Ceuta opposite Gibraltar.

Africans Storm Ceuta Border
An estimated 300 migrants, most of them black African origin, arrived at the Spanish north African enclave of Ceuta on Monday after crossing the Tarajal border.

CCTV footage showed a police officer suffering a broken leg as he tried to trip one of the hordes of men sprinting through a glass door they had forced open.

Local officials later announced that because of “migratory pressures” they were closing the border crossing, known as the Tarajal crossing, for a week to Moroccan traders who rely on it to make a living.

A spokesman from the immigration centre said: “It’s not our problem and we’re not going to solve it.

“It is a problem for the European Union because the autonomous cities are the way to enter the continent. Often these people go to countries like France or Germany.”

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