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Austria: Nigerian Asylum Seeker Murders German Girlfriend

The 28-year-old is accused of stabbing Soopika 50 times spurred on by jealousy.

Soopika Paramanathan
She was stabbed 50 times in the German city of Ahaus in February

A murder trial has heard how a failed asylum seeker in Germany butchered his beautiful refugee helper girlfriend known as the ‘Angel of Ahaus’ after she broke off their relationship.

Nigerian Anthony I, 28, killed student Soopika Paramanathan, 22, out of jealousy, said prosecutors at a court in Muenster.

Anthony I bought a large suitcase in which he intended to stuff her body and dump it into a lake after he stabbed her repeatedly in the street.

Anthony !
Nigerian asylum seeker ‘Anthony I’ on trial for murder of Soopika Paramanathan

The accused refused to speak at the first day of his trial yesterday where judges heard how he came to Germany in 2015 claiming to be a homosexual who had fought against the Boko Haram terror group in his homeland. Both claims were false.

In the town of Ahaus he met Soopika who spent all her spare time helping out refugees like him at a local asylum seekers’ home.

They met in August last year and became lovers. But Soopika ended the relationship after just a few weeks – a rejection that Anthony I was unable to handle.

‘He could not bear the thought of her going with another man,’ said the prosecution.

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