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French Internet Censorship, The Highest In The Western World

France implements Internet censorship without any judicial oversight.

Internet Censorship
France is the most egregious censor of Internet content worldwide.

France’s interior minister says authorities have blocked or ordered search engines to de-list hundreds of websites in 2016, a significant increase over 2015.

Bruno Le Roux told a cybersecurity conference in the French city of Lille that his government has requested the blockage of 834 websites and de-listing of 1,929 others as part of the fight against “child pornographic and terrorist content.”

Le Roux didn’t provide details but Tuesday’s numbers represent a sharp increase over the figures tracked by France’s online privacy watchdog last year.

In April the watchdog reported that 312 sites were blocked and 855 de-listing requests were made in France between March 11, 2015 and Feb. 29, 2016.

French authorities can block sites without a judge’s order under a 2011 law that came into effect in 2015.

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