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Muslim Convert Terrorist Is Gunned Down After Killing Two Female Cops And Man

Terror police are now investigating the shooting in the eastern Belgian city of Liege.

Blegian Terrorist
Gunman whose ‘goal was to target police’ stabbed two female officers before taking their firearms and shooting them in the head.

A Terroist slit two policewomen’s throats before executing them with their own guns and killing an onlooker today hours after being released from jail.

“Radicalised” ex-drug dealer Benjamin Herman, 36, died in a hail of police bullets after the terror attack in Liege, Belgium.

Benjamin Herman
“Radicalised” ex-drug dealer Benjamin Herman, 36.
The gunman is understood to have crept up on officers Soraya Belkacemi and Lucile Garcia as they checked parking meters before cutting their throats and stabbing them.

Herman then took the officers’ side arms and shot them both in the head with their own weapons.

Shooting Scene
Scene of the shooting in Liege, Belgium

His goal was to “target the police”, according to the Liege police chief.

The gunman is understood to have been released from prison the day before he went on the deadly rampage.

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