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Matteo Salvini: No More Migrant Rescue Boats

Italy’s new interior minister Matteo Salvini has turned away a “rescue” ship carrying hundreds of migrants

Migrant Vessel
Italian ports are closed to the disembarkation of migrants after a rescue conducted last night by the boat Aquarius, which requested authorization to dock and was directed to Europe. If confirmed, it would be an action without precedent decided by Matteo Salvini.

There were 629 migrants on board the Aquarius of SOS Méditerranée, with personnel from Doctors Without Borders, which was making its way towards an as yet unassigned secure port. Among the passengers were 123 unaccompanied minors, eleven children, and seven pregnant women. A total of six rescue operations were carried out.

According to what Salvini also declared in a letter sent to the Maltese authorities, if the island state will not permit the boat to dock, a block requested by the deputy prime minister of the Lega Nord will commence, and the boat will not be allowed to land in Italy.

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