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Paris: The Hostage Taker At Rue des Petites Écuries Arrested, Moroccan Born

The Moroccan man of 26, who was not known to police nor he was he on the Terrorism Fichir S List

Hostages Paris
The hostage taker in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. Reportedly, this is a Moroccan man of 26, who was not known to special services.

The man arrested was taken into custody. This is a 26 year old man born in Morocco, named Taji.

During the episode the hostage taker spoke in a random jumble of September 11, the Merah case, Theo, Maélys. and other confusing claims.

No explosives were found inside the building but the man was carring knives and a toy gun, according reliable information.

He was taken into custody in the wake of his arrest. An investigation was opened by the prosecutor for kidnapping, abduction, violence with weapons and attempted murder.

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