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The Metamorphosis Of Frau Merkel

How her strange transformation betrayed the German people.

The populist AfD is attacking her policies of “uncontrolled immigration” as irresponsible; her sister party, the Bavarian CSU, has also sharpened its rhetoric.

Angela Merkel was never pro-migration but she has betrayed her own people as chancellor. Merkel is a liar without principle who used her later pro-migration stance to gain power in a leftist controlled German regime.

The following video chronicles her weird transformation from conservative to open borders fanatic:

Angela Merkel is a career politician who had completely different views in the past. In the year 2000 Merkel said:

“The multicultural society is not a viable form of living and I believe that as well”

Later, in 2002 she criticizes the then government for not having a migration limit, something that she herself has not had for a long time. She says:

“Before we have any new migration we have to first improve the integration of foreign children living in with us.”

Merkel also talks about Berlin’s multicultural suburb of Kreuzberg. She tells the government they haven’t spent a single Mark (the Deutschmark was the Germany’s currency prior to adopting the Euro in 2002) on the problems in the area, while they keep talking about migration.

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