Internet Censorship
France is the most egregious censor of Internet content worldwide.

The website was conceived in 2012 and 2013 by journalists who wish to remain anonymous due to political correctness and the pervasive climate of vilification and fear by a media who, they believe, no longer serves as objective reporters of fact. The nihilistic turning inward by the press and many Western intellectuals and their betrayal of the very principals they once presumed to stand for has impelled some to present the counter-argument to this failure of moral leadership and restore some semblance of equilibrium to the “poisoned gift” of critical examination.

As Pascal Bruckner put it,

“We hate ourselves much more than we love others”

…and he goes on:

“This malaise, ceasing to be supported by a political project, gnaws away at Western consciousness from within.” This remorse, almost completely disconnected from historical reality, “has become a dogma, a spiritual commodity, almost a form of currency.”

The object of this blog is to to restore Western confidence—not a blind confidence but a prudent, reasoned self-respect. We in the still free societies of the West need to celebrate heroes instead of focusing only on the villains, revitalize our ancient virtues of reason, dynamism, prudence and audacity, and all work towards a an intensification and re-invigoration of our souls.